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Biological-Integrative Medicine

Berlin, August 2010

Dr. Michael W. Trogisch
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Naturwissenschaftlich-mathematische Fakultät

Biological-Integrative Medicine

Biological-Integrative Medicine originated from the health care practices of German Homeopathy, Traditional Nature Medicine, Anthroposophical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the ancient medical system of Ayurveda. The Biological-Integrative Medicine is a new, modern generation of medical viewpoints. It encompasses conventional medical treatment structures and current research as well as the large know-how content of the traditional naturopathy. The human being as such - understood as an inseparable unit of body, spirit and soul – is placed in the center of all considerations.

The Biological-Integrative Medicine does not treat the symptoms, but aims at the cause of an illness; it is directed toward the disturbed energy balance of the cells and organ systems. The primary goal of Biological Medicine is the support or the restoration of teleological forces of development and self-healing powers. It basically involves methods of diagnosis and therapy whose guiding principle is the maintenance and furtherance of the human bio-system and its regulatory mechanisms. Biological-Integrative Medicine is holistic in that it holds the view that the living system is a matrix of interconnectedness - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Biological Medicine is committed to the balance and harmony of the individual’s outer environment and inner milieu. Hence, environmental toxins, life-style, social and professional influences, one’s ecological terrain and genetic information are all vital factors in the individualized evaluation and treatment of one’s health.

The knowledge of evolution biology forms the framework of the Biological-Integrative Medicine. The treatments go into the depth of the structures, into the cell matrix and renew defective cells, it fabrics and regenerate organs entirely. Damaged cell environment particularly the immune system is completely regenerated for the optimization of the cell processes. The Biological-Integrative Medicine thereby mainly uses natural or nature near effect factors such as warmth, light, magnetic field, mechanical energy as well as the components of life as such: water, oxygen, minerals and the active substances of plants.

‘State of the Art’ medical equipment has been developed and is employed to make the most effective use of warmth, light, mechanical energy and so forth. The concept of Biological Medicine is firmly embodied in the programs of the WHO and is world-wide promoted.


The Biological-Integrative Medicine considers the Matrix or the so called Extra Cellular Fluid (ECF) as the center point for all those impulses that reach the periphery on a neuro- and haemo-humoral way. In this basic system the exchanges of Oxygen, Water and Electrolytes take place as well as the acid-base-regulation and unspecific defense activities. This basic regulation system is reacting always holistic and integral, so that we see it as an anatomic functional unit. All food and medication has to pass this basic system.

The basic regulation system is also the functional system for all capillary; all cells of the cellular connective tissue and vegetative-neural formations. All the regulation and functional influences of the basic regulation system happen in the extra cellular fluid (ECF) the Matrix. The effect of teratogenic noxa leads according to the amount and durability of those to disturbances of the regulation system and so also to disturbances of the cell- and organ functions. This because in this basic system -especially belonging the mesenchyme cells- all sub transport of molecules passes this transit way. If this transit way is disturbed the transport is limited what leads to a reduced nutrition of cells and in the end to the damage of organ functions. The permanent activity and output of the mesenchyme cells of the human organism is the same what we call living. Besides the mesenchyme cells the system includes also all hemic and lymphopoietic cells; from which the last named has beside there nutrition functions also defense functions.

Regulate, Adapt and Regenerate

Therapeutic methods are oriented to the individual’s unique life stresses and patterns of disharmony. Healing methods are designed for the capability to regulate, regenerate, adapt and self-heal. This is achieved through the unique combination of ancient health-care wisdom and ‘state of the art’ medical technology.

The term ‘regulate’ when applied to Biological Medicine refers to the inherent flexibility, dynamicity, and natural rhythm of the organism. The therapeutic promotion of the body’s regulation process is of central importance, and in many European scholastic circles this form of medicine is called “Biological Regulatory Medicine”.

The term ‘adapt’” when applied to Biological Medicine involves the concept of achieving and maintaining equilibrium within changing environmental, emotional and psychic circumstances. This involves maintaining the integrity of the central and autonomic nervous system, humorale and cellular immunity, endocrine function, and the other energetic vital forces that govern adaptation to one’s environment.

The terms ‘regenerate’ and ‘self-heal’ are similar in defining biologically oriented therapies. All healing in essence is ‘self-healing’ and involves the regenerative forces of the organism. The biologically oriented practitioner helps facilitate this process generally through the use of a wide variety of non-invasive and non-toxic techniques.

Symptoms as Alarm Signals

In Biological Medicine symptoms of diseases are considered alarm signals that appear as patterns of ‘regulatory disharmony’. Here it is seen that symptoms are the final manifestation of what usually is a long pathological chain of events. The initial causative factors often lie in much deeper dimensions, far removed from the apparent symptom. Symptoms such as allergies, inflammation, pain, headaches, exhaustion, depression, tension, sleeplessness, indigestion and recurrent infections are all signs that the body isn't adapting to its' environment and/or its internal milieu is disturbed. These are classic responses to an overload of drugs, toxic chemicals, pollution, poor quality or "allergy providing" foods, psycho-emotional stress and other causative factors.

The Modern Concept of Biological Treatments

All biological therapies are primary therapies of the Extra Cellular Fluid (ECF) now mainly referred to as the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM). The term "Matrix-Therapy" or "Biological Therapy" was coined in 1995 at the University of Erlangen, Germany, to make clear that every influence on a cell, like preventive, curative, regenerative but also destructive influences are first and primary the influences on the milieu, means influences of the Extra Cellular Matrix. Considering this cell biological background, it makes sense to re adapts and does complex therapies for such a complex system. Especially chronicle diseases show that the cell surrounding Matrix is disturbed. This is the reason why a complex and regulating Biological Therapy is very effective for those chronic diseases. As a practical consequence from intensive scientific basic research many universities developed specific, synergetic operating modules that regenerate the Extra Cellular Matrix and so the cell function. These modules can be very good and effective combined with already existing and effective conventional therapies. The philosophy of the Biological-Integrative Medicine is focused on helping sick persons to cure their diseases and get them back to be healthy and remain healthy. As well the biological medicine helps healthy person to remain healthy and live with a high life quality. The precondition from the patients’ side is to life a right minded lifestyle that considers the evolutionary biological development processes of our species. The basic goal of the therapy program is the stimulation of regenerating and self healing power. To fulfill this goal the disturbed and damaged milieu of the organism has to be regenerated and partly build new to optimize the cell functions and metabolic processes. (This happens with using biochemical, bio mechanical tension; inter cellular communication, inner electromagnetic etc. processes.)

The Treatment Philosophy

Biological-Integrative Medicine stresses patient participation through education, and self-care through life-style and dietary changes. It promotes prevention and early intervention of non-toxic approaches. Biological Medicine employs the use of non-invasive diagnostic aids that view not only structural imbalances, but also functional, regulatory, energetic and psycho-emotional conditions.

Biological-Integrative Medicine employs, as required, the application of natural substances, physical forces, and psychological methods in an effectively coordinated manner. It often utilizes natural remedies and substances that are produced through “vital” processes (homeopathic potentization, spagyrics, botanical alchemy, sound translation), as well as other physical, energetic and psycho-emotional techniques that support and not suppress the regulatory functions of the organism.

Biological-Integrative Medicine treats individually causative factors that in-turn resolve more than just pathophysiological symptoms. It enables practitioners to identify the causal chains that manifest illnesses through an integrated approach. It combines the results of scientifically verifiable tests that evaluate bio-chemical individuality, genomic propensity, and functional metabolic processes, together with bio energetic testing and regulatory diagnostics. Individually tailored therapeutic protocols may then be selected to resolve one’s unique set of causative factors.

In contrast, conventional allopathic medicine primarily treats symptoms of patho-physiological conditions (usually labeled with Latin names according to “symptomology”) often using patented chemical agents that are designed to suppress the body’s regulatory mechanisms. Consequently, extensive pharmaceutical efforts have been made in developing powerful agents against fever, against inflammation, against diarrhea, against cough, against insomnia, against life (anti-biotic). As a result, conventional allopathic medicine has developmentally become chemical therapy restricted to the identification and elimination of individual symptoms of disease. Disorders are structurally and patho-physiologically placed into categories with diagnostic code numbers for the administration of generalized treatment modalities. Unfortunately, the underlying causes (toxins, terrain imbalances, dietary indiscretions, functional disturbances, psycho-emotional factors, etc.) are seldom acknowledged or treated. The simpler the linear relationship between the medicinal/chemical agent and its desired effect, the simpler the effort required measuring this relationship. Within this paradigm it appears that the simpler such relationships exist, the more “scientific” the therapy is considered.

Conventional medicine tends to manage the disease instead of addressing the underlying cause. Prescriptions are written to alleviate symptoms without trying to understand why the symptoms came about. Often time dysregulation is the further impact of these drugs on other systems of the body as well. This kind of treatment often overlooks the overall physical, mental and social health of the patient. For medicine to advance it is essential that it become biologically oriented and work for the organism through the application of non-toxic treatment focused on the causative factors both physical and nonphysical.

Biological-Integrative Medicine treats individually. It enables physicians and clinicians to identify the primary causes of illnesses by integrating the results of procedures that evaluate structural integrity, bio-chemical individuality, regulatory and metabolic processes, energetic imbalances and one’s unique psycho-emotional processes. The therapeutic practices of Biological Medicine are as individual and varied as the creative processes of practitioners who use them. Therapeutic skill is a science, an art, and a creative process. The therapies of Biological.

Medicine extend beyond the conventional treatment of disorders of structure and function. It also encompasses energetic imbalances, disorders of regulation and adaptation, social and psycho-emotional paradigm.


Humans were able to develop over a long period of time, extending over millions of years, with only few external changes occurring. In today’s society, however, external factors are subject to drastic changes. This has a major effect on man’s nutrition, as well as bodily activities. But also causes changes in the environment, the air, water, light magnetic field, as well as the social environment and the pressure to achieve have a decisive influence. In addition, there are often the damaging effects of nicotine and alcohol misuse, and various environmental pollutants. Man is not “programmed” to face this situation and his body cannot make the necessary adaptation. The consequence is under-nourishment and disruption of the smallest units of the tissue – the cells - and finally the individual becomes ill. It is considered that these states of deficiency at the cellular level are actually the cause of most illnesses.

The Solution: Causal Therapy is directed to the sites where deficits and diseases actually occur; i.e. at the cellular level. Accordingly, our new modular therapy is aimed at providing optimal support to tissue cells, as well as the effective removal of the products of metabolism. The underlying goal of our therapy is to produce an effective combination of different methods of treatment, as well, as a quantitative evaluation of regeneration and self-healing powers, using appropriate measurement techniques. It should be pointed out, that this therapy, is not, as is often the case, the treatment or suppression of particular symptoms but the implementation of a causal and holistic treatment. The therapy is well suited for helping the person who is ill to become well again and then to remain healthy, as well as helping healthy individuals to maintain an optimal healthy condition throughout their lives.

The Gentle Medicine of Nature

Along with the rapid progression of orthodox medicine, the knowledge of alternative and holistic medicine has decreased more and more.

Today however, many physicians realize that the human body is not a machine which works solely with the help of chemical substances, repairs or spare parts. Therefore some doctors re-approach the old traditions of alternative medicines and try to apply them in combination with so-called modern methods.

Nature is capable of so many things. With its help we have been able to develop many therapies and therapy conceptions for a lot of diseases. These therapies are extraordinary and have hardly any side effects. Our treatment conceptions are based on a thorough and individual diagnosis and a combined therapy plan, integrating immune-biological and mental aspects of illnesses.

Our Range

A large number of factors lead to a sickness. It is our main concern to understand and trace these highly complex connections, since we can treat a sickness individually only if we take all factors into account.
We treat the following sicknesses:

Nerves & Brain

Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, migraine, stroke aftercare, restless-legs-syndrome, inflammation of nerves, chronic pain syndrome

Heart and Blood Circulation

Reduced blood flow, high blood pressure (hypertension), low blood pressure, vascular plaques, arhythmia, malfunction of thyroid glands

Bones and Joints

Arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, illnesses of the backbone, Bechterew disease, post-operative continuous pains, non-healing fractures

Metabolism and digestion

Cancer, allergies, asthma, bowel disorders (Morbus Crohn, colitis ulcerosa, diverticulitis), degenerative sicknesses of the heart, the lungs, the liver, the stomach, the prostate and the bladder

Pathological troubles and Symptoms

Long-term indistinct pains, stress symptoms (burn-out syndrome), reduced affectivity of the immune system, predisposition to infection, loss of vitality, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), chronic maldigestion, menstruation problems, climacteric problems.


The Dialogue

The fundament of our clinic is the knowledge of human beings, nature, medicine and science. We aim at finding the reasons of illnesses, developing and applying therapies which start and propel the process of recovery — instead of being distracted by temporal symptoms. From our point of view, recovery is a holistic process which covers both, the physical organism as well as the soul. If the mental state of health improves, physical troubles might also decrease. The dialogue with our patients is a very personal approach - which is why we invest a lot of time in it. It is our incentive and obligation to be personally involved, to take care of every single person individually and to treat illnesses according to holistic principles. People from all over the world, suffering from the most different illnesses, come to our clinic for this.

Health is a dynamic balance

You cannot truly approach medical troubles without a complete holistic view. The state of “being healthy”, this condition of feeling good and our soul and body being in balance, most often is not acknowledged. We finally start to value how important health is when we are about to lose it. If laboratory tests and X-rays as well as other examinations have been without results, we will continue searching for other reasons with extended diagnostic means. Also, we apply Kinesiology, a very effective bio-resonance method. It connects the state-of-the-art knowledge of medicine with age-old experience, and applies the results so that we can use supportive factors and avoid weakening ones.

Winning Transparency in unclear cases

We often find the causes of continuous health troubles by means of the Kinesiological Testing. Indigestible food, allergies, environmental and domestic toxics, apparently cured illnesses - many different factors can be the hidden causes of sicknesses, pains and troubles.

The Coordination

As soon as all diagnostic results are available we will develop an individual therapy plan together with the patient. The therapy begins when we know that it is compatible with the whole organism. That is what we define as holistic diagnosis.


Most people do not eat the right food though they know that balanced and healthy food is sensible. Pressure to perform, lack of time and stress are responsible for unbalanced and wrong nutrition. We eat too fast, too irregularly, too much and too unbalanced. Moreover many foods are specially treated or bombarded with x-rays to make them look more attractive and to preserve them.

These changes often put an additional strain on people. It is known for a long time that healthy and moderate nutrition does people good. If our patients have fallen ill as a consequence of wrong nutrition, therapy should be applied. If the patient’s weight and calories must be reduced we help in finding individual nutrition plans.


The key issue of naturopathy is not mainly the treatment of symptoms. Problems should not be fought against but made unnecessary by strengthening the self-healing forces of the organism. If the patient’s immune system is not strong enough, we must double our efforts. The health of body and soul should be improved by breaking up blockades, detoxification and by stimulation. We aim at treating man as a whole and not only by treating individual organs. It is very important for us that there are only minimal side effects.

The conception of our treatment is based on two pillars: on the one hand we apply therapies worked out for individual symptoms and on the other hand we choose therapies which can be applied to a lot of illnesses.

Therapy conceptions

Orthodox medicine doesn’t control all the fields of medicine anymore. Whether you are suffering from chronic, acute or indefinite complaints – and which organs or systems of the body are concerned: more and more natural cures will be found/rediscovered to accompany or replace former treatments by naturopathic methods. Without any doubt this is an important benefit and enhancement to former methods. Our therapies are mostly based on the gentle healing of naturopathy and homeopathy. We apply orthodox methods if necessary. Since the end of 2003 the Villa Medica has been a certified acute and specialized clinic for naturopathy, oncology and living cells.

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