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Telomerase Epinativ - Amino Acid Complex


Diseases, environmental factors and eating habits influence our quality of life and reduce our general life expectancy. Scientific research projects and studies have put the focus of interest on how our chromosomes function. The “building blocks of life” give important instructions to our bodies about development, growth and basic functions. Telomeres - The end of a chromosome is known as a telomere. They act as a “protective cap”. Telomeres protect the chromosomes from degradation and ensure the proper functionality and viability of cells. However, during the course of our lives, these telomeres become shorter.

The decisive factors are genetic disposition and lifestyle. Obesity, smoking, mental stress and inflammations contribute significantly to the abrasion and shortening of telomeres. Factors such as healthy eating, sufficient sleep and exercise have a positive effect against this and provide a protective function, thereby leading to biological rejuvenation.

If the telomeres become too short, the cells cannot replicate any longer. The telomeres shorten gradually as they age, therefore, the ability of stem cells to generate tissue is impaired. This leads to ageing and disease processes. In particular, mental performance declines significantly and a once-intact immune system function less and less efficiently. The condition of the telomere is strongly linked with cardiovascular diseases, dementia, depression, diabetes, infertility and cancer. In a large number of scientific studies in the USA, the causes and effects of the shortening of telomeres have been examined and a Nobel prize has even been given in this area of research. The length of the telomeres can be determined by analytical methods in laboratories.


The enzyme telomerase is able to repair short telomeres by lengthening them. Unfortunately, healthy cells do not normally produce a lot of telomerase, if at all. However, some stem cells do produce this enzyme. In particular, you can find it in embryonic stem cells (or iPSC). Through the specific protein chain EPINATIV, made of the amino acids alanine, glutamine, asparagine and glycine (ALA-GLU-ASP-GLY), the activation of the enzyme telomerase can be triggered in the body. The structure of EPINATIV is identical to that of the body’s own epithalamine.

Treatment Protocol
Epinativ 1g x (ALAGLU-ASP-GLY), 50ml
Normal Dosage:

For very sensitive patients prepare 1 amp Dexamethasone and inject before start directly into the infusion line.

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