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Boesenbergia rotunda Kra Chai IV - antiviral

Kra Chai 100mg

Bioactive compounds in Kra Chai (Boesenbergia) are Panduratin A and 4-hydroxypanduratin A and have proven their activity in inhibiting the production of nitric oxide and PGE2 as well as on tumor necrosis factor-alpha. Panduratin A as the novel anti-SARS-CoV-2 candidate for COVID-19 therapy.

Kra Chai (Boesenbergia) can achieve a rapid improvement of stomach and intestine illnesses. It has an anti tumor impact, is cramp-solving against beta-streptococcus mycosis(Microsporum Gypseum, Tichophyon Title, Epidermophyton Floccosum, Candida Albicans, Cryptococcus Neoformans and Saccharomyces Frames) has anti inflammatory and fever-lowering effect.

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