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is a potent and widely used anti-malarial drug. Based on evidence demonstrating its treatment success, many infectious disease experts believe intravenous Artesunate should be the treatment of choice for malaria. It is proven to be an effective anti-malarial treatment and better tolerated than quinidine-based treatments. Over the past decade, additional therapeutic uses f or artemisinin have emerged.

Research has found artemisinin is selectively toxic to cancerous cells (causing cancer cell death or apoptosis), is anti-angiogenic (inhibiting the formation of tumor blood vessels), demonstrates anti-HPV activity and exhibits immune-modulating behavior.

In malaria parasites, Artesunate achieves its toxic effects by interacting with iron inside the food vacuole of the parasites. In human cancer cells, Artesunate initiates programmed cell death from the ensuing molecular damage caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated by a reaction with iron.

Treatment Protocol
Artesunate 300mg/50ml (bottle)
Normal Dosage:

For very sensitive patients prepare 1 amp Dexamethasone and inject before start directly into the infusion line.

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